Summary of Presentation on “Research Supporting a Link between Chronic Anxiety and Cancer Progression”

The main theme was research establishing a link between the sympathetic nervous system and tumor progression. Bowen theory suggests that chronic anxiety—generated in the relationship system, but disproportionately absorbed by one family member—activates the sympathetic nervous system. I also reviewed research establishing a link between the SNS and inflammation, which also plays an important role in cancer and countless other clinical conditions.

Haykawa, Y., Wang, T.: nerves switch on angiogenic metabolism. Science. 358: 305-306, 2017

  • Nerves expand greatly in most solid tumors.
  • Nerve density strongly associated with tumor growth and prognosis.
  • Stem cells and stromal cells affected by neurotransmitters.
  • Endothelial cells (form blood vessels) have high adrenergic receptor expression.