Research Seminar

The Research Seminar serves as a stimulus and forum for those interested in the serious pursuit of natural systems ideas and in the systematic study of the human family. They include people with quite diverse interests, but with the common goal of developing and extending family systems ideas. People can use the seminars to move ideas towards publication. Participants have extensive education in Bowen theory and a project of scientific inquiry which the participant wishes to pursue.

This is a forum to report on one’s thinking, get some feedback, and then continue to develop the ideas between the seminars. The schedule of presentations is drawn up at the beginning of the day. Each person has a maximum of forty-five minutes for presentation and discussion. A Seminar participant may use 20 minutes for presentation and 25 minutes for discussion. Alternatively, circulating work before the meeting to the participants increases the discussion time and thoughtfulness of the feedback. Participants are strongly encouraged to circulate drafts of their work in progress well before each meeting and to use their time for exchange and receiving critique/suggestions from other participants.

The Seminar meets three times each year, via webcasting with time set to facilitate people participating in all US time zones.

Schedule – EST/EDT

10 am – Convene
10:15 – First presentation
11:00 – Break
11:15 – Second presentation
12:00 – Third presentation
12:45 – Lunch with option to view MEK webcast recording
2:00 – Fourth presentation
2:45 – Fifth presentation
3:30 – Break
3:45 – Sixth presentation

Fee – $300 per year

Potential participants should contact Kathleen B. Kerr, the coordinator of the Seminar, at to initiate discussion of participation in the Seminar.