Systems Biology meets Bowen Theory 2022

Systems Biology Meets Bowen Family Systems Theory

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The 2022 conference explored an alternative radical reflection on the emergence of cancer with three leading experts in Bowen Theory and Systems Biology. This two-day conference educated attendees while incorporating the dynamic and relational view of symptoms as a starting point and demonstrated how Systems Biology is extremely important for advancing Bowen Family Systems Theory’s connection to the natural sciences.

View the conference and gain valuable insights into how to use systems thinking to develop a more comprehensive understanding of cancer and its development. This unique perspective has the potential to revolutionize the way we think about all diseases and could lead to more effective prevention and treatment strategies.

Whether you are a Bowen Family Systems practitioner, a systems biologist, or simply interested in learning more about these fascinating approaches to understanding disease, this conference will interest you.

“If physical and emotional illnesses are accurately conceptualized as symptoms of a more basic process, then all “diseases.” are rooted in one fundamental process, a unidisease.”  (Michael E. Kerr, 2019)

Learning Objectives

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