Dr. Marta Bertolaso

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Dr. Bertolaso is a Professor of Philosophy of Science at the Faculty of Science and Technology for Humans and the Environment and at the Institute of Philosophy of Scientific and Technological Practice, at University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome (UCBM), Italy. She is the director of the Research Unit of Philosophy of Science and Human Development. She teaches Epistemology of Experimental Design, Human Ecology & Sustainability, and Digital Mindset Transitions in the same university for undergraduate and graduate students. In 2021, she co-authored Systems Biology to Rethinking Cancer with three other researchers. She also co-authored a chapter for the book entitled, The Search for Progress and a New Theory Framework for Cancer Research. In 2018, she released her book Philosophy of Cancer: A Dynamic and Relational View. Her interests include systems biology and the development of philosophical training in research, teaching, and research group promotion and coordination.