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Bowen Theory Academy Webcast Series 2014-2019

From 2014 to 2019 the Bowen Theory Webcast Series offered monthly 90-minute streamed webcasts with presentations by Michael E. Kerr M.D.to participating groups around the country. Dr. Kerr is the author of Family Evaluation, 1988, an early overview of Bowen theory with an epilogue by Murray Bowen M.D. In the epilogue he describes Michael Kerr as “the person who probably knows more about my theoretical, therapeutic and organizational orientation than any other person.” Dr. Kerr’s recent book, Bowen Theory’s Secrets, Revealing the Hidden Life of Families, 2019, is a well-received update to Bowen theory. The Bowen Theory Academy Webcast Series will continue in 2020 with the addition of Kathleen B. Kerr as a speaker.

The following three archived Bowen Theory Academy Webcasts with Dr. Kerr are now available for individuals to view. The lectures explicate Bowen theory concepts and illustrate the application of family systems thinking. Each of the three webcasts provides examples of families acting as emotional units. The case examples of symptom development and clinical work with families and individuals are consistent with Dr. Murray Bowen’s early observations of the importance of the family in human development.

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Viewing Child Development through the Lens of Bowen Theory

Recording time: 01:32:49
Date: 4/20/2018

Dr. Kerr presents early research on which Bowen theory Is based and clarifies the uniqueness of Bowen theory’s view of human development. Dr. Bowen’s observational family research from 1946-1954 and the Regression Experiment from 1954-1959 revealed that family emotional process with anxious focus on a child can impede the development of a separate Self. Bowen theory sees human development on a continuum of resolution of attachment to the family of origin.

The early inpatient research led to further research demonstrating that interactive emotional process can be observed in all families and that the level of maturity, differentiation of self, that a person reaches is affected by that process. Many other fundamental aspects of Bowen theory are covered in this presentation.

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The "Systems” Explanation of Schizophrenia: - An Overview of the Life of John Forbes Nash

Recording time: 01:30:06
Date: 11/17/17

This presentation contrasts the medical model of schizophrenia with Bowen theory’s systems model. Dr. Kerr demonstrates how Dr. Nash’s difficulty in adapting to changes in his family and social contexts played a role in the onset and intensity of psychotic symptoms.

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Application of Bowen Theory: Three Clinical Vignettes

Recording time 01:28:31

>> Family A – A marital couple presents a marital relationship regression after a period of calm and closeness. This vignette is a look at how a marriage is dictated by the emotional process of regulating closeness and distance and how each person helps create the emotional process through reciprocal functioning. The nature of change as seen through the lens of Bowen theory is discussed.

>> Family B – This is the second session of a newly married couple. This vignette is a look at how a marriage can be affected by an unresolved attachment from the family of origin. The facts of functioning of the couple demonstrate how regulating one’s relationship with one’s mother can transfer into dealing more effectively with one’s partner.

>> Family C – A client presents with a diagnosis of cancer in herself and in a family member. Dr. Kerr discusses the role of the chronic stress response and chronic inflammation in cancer growth. This case study examines how a relationship system disturbance can be understood as an important variable in fostering a malignancy and demonstrates the importance of examining Bowen theory in the context of science.

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