Participant criteria – extensive education in Bowen theory and a project of scientific inquiry that the participant wishes to pursue. Potential participants should contact Kathleen B. Kerr,, to initiate discussion of participation in the Seminar.

Maximum participants – six including seminar coordinator KBK, to allow 45 minutes minimum for each presenter.

Meeting frequency – three times a year evenly spaced over the year, possibly October, February, June.

Medium – webcasting, with time set to facilitate people participating in all US time zones

Tentative schedule – EST/EDT
10 am – convene
10:15 – first presentation
11:00 – break
11:15 – second presentation
12:00 – third presentation
12:45 – lunch
1;15 – fourth presentation
2:00 – fifth presentation
2:45 – break
3:00 – sixth presentation
3:15 – end

Format – participants are strongly encouraged to circulate drafts of their work in progress well before each meeting and to use their time for exchange and receiving critique/suggestions from other participants

No fee for seminar.

22-23 Dates

October 3
January 30
May 15